Ferrari Purosangue test mule with a Maserati Levante body spied on

Here’s a car we’ve heard a lot about but don’t see too often: the Ferrari Purosangue. Unfortunately, this quick peek at the Ferrari SUV in the wild is a test mule wearing a hacked and heavily modified Maserati Levante body. That said, we still don’t know what the crossover will actually look like. Even this test mule can give us some basic details.

Based on the proportions, this Purosangue test mule looks a lot lower than the Maserati. Difficult to compare the length with nothing, but the rear door looks shorter than that of a Levante. We expect the utility company for the Ferrari SUV to take a back seat anyway. Despite the obviously closed ride height, enough wheel gap is still visible to indicate an SUV attitude. With the Purosangue, Ferrari certainly has priority over lap times over crawling performance.

Another visible element is the gigantic brake rotor, which is visible through the exposed front wheel. There’s no Levante variant (even the Trofeo) that has such massive brakes, suggesting this is something of Maranello. The rotor itself looks dark gray so it might even be a carbon-ceramic rotor, but it’s difficult to be sure from so far away. The tire size isn’t even visible from a distance, but the rubber in the back looks meaty enough to us.

The last thing we’re going to point out is the exhaust, clumsily sticking out of the back. Since this is a mule, the equipment is far from perfect, another indicator that this vehicle is not a regular Maserati being tested. Our spy shooter gave us no indication of what type of noise was coming from this exhaust.

We haven’t heard any rumors since last year, but at the time a report suggested that a 2021 reveal was possible. The engine ideas ranged from V6 hybrids to a flagship V12. Let’s hope Ferrari will start testing suitable prototypes soon so that we can get an idea of ​​what the actual design of the crossover will look like.

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