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After a decade of rest on its laurels, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is getting a final makeover for the 2022 model year. This is the fifth generation of the Grand Cherokee after wearing the midsize SUV coat for the off-road oriented Jeep brand for nearly thirty years. While maintaining the mission of its ancestors, the Grand Cherokee 2022 also promises to look to the future with a modern mechanical and practical kit.

A Grander 2022 Grand Cherokee

The 2022 Grand Cherokee is said to have ridden on a variant of the rear-wheel drive base of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (the same base chassis will also support the Maserati Grecale crossover) and should improve the model’s driving dynamics without compromising its off-road dynamics on road capability.

Note that the next-generation Grand Cherokee Jeep has a variety of trim levels. Most models have rear-wheel drive as standard. However, every Grand Cherokee in 2022 will offer at least an optional all-wheel drive. Also, look for multiple systems. While high-end and more trail-oriented Grand Cherokee fairings undoubtedly offer a two-speed transfer case for extra power off the beaten track, lower spec models can have a less complicated setup that doesn’t require a short range gearbox – just as is currently the case.

2022 Grand Cherokee engine options

The 2022 Grand Cherokee should offer a variety of engine options for buyers to choose from. As with today’s model, we expect the nearly 300-hp 3.6-liter V6 to serve as the standard setup. Likewise, a 5.7 liter V8 with more than 350 horsepower is likely to be offered. More efficient consumers can meet their needs with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder and turbodiesel 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged engines offered in the Wrangler. Likewise, the new Grand Cherokee can even take over the 375 hp gasoline-electric hybrid drive train of the Wrangler 4xe.

High-performance junkies are expected to get an appetite from new SRT models. It remains to be seen whether the trackhawk’s supercharged V-8 with over 700 hp will find its way to the new Grand Cherokee. Regardless, we believe a Mojave-style ornament with desert gladiator could find its way to the next Grand Cherokee. Look for a Grand Cherokee like this with extra ride height, model-specific shock absorbers and springs, and much more.

A great interior for the Grand Cherokee 2022

We hear that Jeep will initially offer the Grand Cherokee with a long wheelbase that can accommodate three rows of seats. A five-passenger, shorter wheelbase model will be unveiled later, possibly as a 2023 model. The former setup allows the Grand Cherokee to compete better with Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander, while the model with the latter can maintain its current state as an alternative to vehicles like the Honda Passport and Toyota 4Runner.

We anticipate Jeep will equip the 2022 Grand Cherokee – in both lengths – with its latest infotainment software, which will likely be displayed on 8.4- or 12.0-inch screens. Both the front and rear passenger compartments should provide spacious accommodations. However, the third row will likely serve as the best area for children and those of smaller stature. Jeep buyers looking for more space in the third row can always switch to the even larger Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer models.

2022 Grand Cherokee price and sale date

While we don’t know what the Jeep will charge for the Grand Cherokee in 2022, we expect the price of the new model to increase slightly from the base amount of $ 35,495 in 2020. However, increasing the trim level will undoubtedly add to the cost, and the 2022 Grand Cherokees can cost $ 60,000 – and that doesn’t explain high performing on or off-road trim.

We’ll know more about the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee when the brand pulls the wraps off in the coming months. Look for sales to everyone but be sure to start before the end of the 2021 calendar year.

This story was originally published September 15, 2020. It has been updated with new illustrations by Abimelec Arellano.

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