2023 Maserati MC20 Folgore technical details, specifications

Maserati’s first new model of the 2020s, the MC20, deviates from the path that is leading automakers to electrified and connected vehicles. The brand is still going in this direction and Autoblog can show that there are plans to launch a line of battery-powered cars called Folgore, a name that means “lightning” in Italian.

The in-house developed 800-volt Folgore drive train consists of an electric motor installed above the front axle and two electric motors installed above the rear axle. Sandro Bernardini, who is responsible for the second generation GranTurismo, told us that this configuration will not be reserved for high-performance, high-end cars. It will be the norm. And although the rear motors are bolted into a single unit, about the size of a modern four-cylinder engine, there is no mechanical connection between them, meaning Maserati’s electric models benefit from real torque transfer. Skipping gas is not an excuse to stop tracking performance.

As we previously reported, Maserati’s first battery-powered production model will be the next GranTurismo, expected to be released in 2021. Drivers who don’t want or need an electric car can order the coupe with a version of the 3.0-liter Nettuno V6 engine that powers the recently introduced MC20. Speaking of which, the mid-engined coupé will become an emission-free mid-engined coupé a little later in production. It was designed from the start for both electricity and gasoline.

Bernardini was unable to provide any specific technical specifications, but found that his team was designing the drivetrain to achieve maximum range. Above all, engineers have put a lot of effort into making the engines smaller, lighter and more efficient. The technology will be compatible with 300 kilowatt fast charging. While service details are also under lock and key, Autoblog learned that the electric version of the MC20 will be “absolutely more powerful” than its 621-horsepower gasoline-burning counterpart. It will also be heavier, but the increase in strength will more than make up for the weight gain and it won’t affect handling.

Chassis models confirm that the MC20 Folgore will share its basic fundamentals (including its carbon fiber tub and subframe) with the gasoline-powered model. Its front engine takes up the space normally reserved for the frunk, while its rear engine sits neatly between the two wheels. Maserati places the lithium-ion battery directly behind the firewall for reasons of weight distribution. it will be the hardest part of the car after all.

Does an electric MC20 need a low-mounted grille or vents carved into the rear? Not necessarily.

“Getting electric is the next logical step. We try to avoid unnecessary vents and vents, unlike some of our competitors who seem to rely on them to convey a message. In our case, it’s about the purity of the body we are can further clean the car by reducing the number of air inlets and outlets, which means we can tell the design story even better, “said Maserati design manager Klaus Busse in an interview with Autoblog.

Francesco Tonon, Maserati’s Product Planning Team Leader, announced that the MC20 Folgore will debut by 2022. Its debut is planned after the convertible model with the Spyder emblem. When it arrives, it will join the aforementioned second-generation GranTurismo and a new SUV positioned under the Levante in Maserati’s family of electric models. Production will take place in Modena, Italy on the same assembly line that began manufacturing the gasoline-powered MC20 in September 2020.

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