2022 Maserati MC20 will influence the design of future models

Maserati’s recently unveiled MC20 coupe suggests which direction stylists will take the rest of the company’s range in the 2020s. Its proportions will remain unique – the company won’t mid-engine the family-friendly Levante – but its front end and pure, simplified approach to design will permeate other models.

“The face of the MC20 with the low-mounted radiator grille and the headlights positioned much higher on the fascia is our new design language”, affirmed Klaus Busse, head of the company’s design department. He added that this look is inspired by previous models, including the limited edition MC12, which was built between 2004 and 2005. Lighting technology has advanced significantly since the mid-2000s, so designers and engineers can now use LEDs to shape Maserati’s future models of a more distinctive-looking face, especially at night.

Autoblog understands that the second-generation GranTurismo, slated to debut in 2021, will be the first model inspired by the MC20. Its stylistic elements will also influence the Grecale, a smaller SUV positioned below the Levante and possibly related to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Maserati’s goal is not to have a set of nesting doll-like models that all look the same. So expect variations on the MC20 theme as the line-up develops.

Busse also gave insights into the design of the MC20 by his team (picture). He insisted early on that the car should not have oversized air intakes or a wing the size of a park bench on the back. His team therefore integrated all the components that generate downforce below the axle line that runs through the center of the wheels. It’s a pure, simple approach to design that will characterize future models, which means they are sporty in a subtle, elegant way.

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